About Us

Providing quality services that are tailored according to your needs.

Local support with a personalised service

Provides you with on-demand IT solutions whenever, wherever you need them. This saves you the costs of maintaining a full in-house IT team while allowing you to receive an enterprise-level of IT support.

Our IT helpdesk is the ideal solution for small businesses or companies that don’t encounter IT problems on a regular basis. The on-demand solution ensures your business operates smoothly without the need for a constant IT presence at the office, freeing up time and resources to focus on what matters most: running your business.

If your business relies on large-scale networks and IT systems, you might want to look into our managed IT services and full-time IT support.

What we do

We leverage over two decades of experience and a rich portfolio of IT services. We have handled the IT support and systems maintenance of countless companies in every sector imaginable – finance, legal, medical and retail to name a few – helping us establish All Things Tech as the trusted partner behind successful businesses.

Thanks to our extensive experience providing IT solutions for various industries, we know what to expect and how to prepare your company for the inevitable challenges, as well as opportunities for growth. At All Things Tech, our aim is to be there for our customers: understand their needs and together develop a solution that best serves their requirements.

Our Values, Vision, and Mission

All Things Tech is built on loyalty. We focus on relationships over revenues and always go the extra mile to ensure our clients are nothing but 100% satisfied with our results. Transparency is at the center of our professional approach and we achieve this by maintaining an open channel of communication at all times.

Why chose All Things Tech

With extensive experience in Information Systems, we leverage the experience, technical know-how, and industry insight to help your business prepare for future challenges, as well as seize opportunities for growth. We have the resources of a large corporation, coupled with the personal touch and attention to detail of a bouquet business, and we’ve already helped over one thousand businesses in Sydney alone!

On-demand, full-time IT support at your fingertips

Unexpected problems in your IT infrastructure can cause delays, hinder productivity and put your business reputation at risk. At All Things Tech, we acknowledge flexibility is a crucial aspect of every successful business. Our on-demand IT helpdesk will provide you with rapid, reliable and affordable IT services to tackle any issues in a timely manner while keeping your IT costs low.

From simple computer-related questions and concerns through security solutions all the way to errors and serious problems, our technicians are within reach to assist you in the fastest way possible, minimizing disruptions and downtime.

IT Support Canberra

Looking for reliable, fast, round-the-clock IT support in Sydney? Then, we’ve got you covered with over two decades of experience and an extensive portfolio of on-site and remote IT services for your home and office.

Computer Repairs

Your one-stop-shop solution for hardware failures, software issues and data recovery.

Business IT Support

Free up time and resources to focus on what matters most—running your business—while Sydney’s premier business IT support takes care of your IT needs.

Network Services

Take advantage of our comprehensive IT solutions that safeguard your networks and protect your sensitive data.

Data Recovery Services

Lost data? We’ve got you covered with extensive, reliable and quick data recovery services for business and private customers.

Virus Removal Services

For optimal performance and security, we provide extensive virus removal services to eliminate any malware, viruses or spyware that might corrupt your home or office computer

Remote IT Support

We’ve helped thousands of Australian homes and businesses remotely.

Need Technical Support?

Available in Canberra or remote. Extended hours, 7 days a week.