Professional IT Support Team based in Sydney

Supporting our customers both on-site and remotely

Whether you’re using the computer for general daily tasks or running a busy business, reliable IT support services are important for keeping things operating smoothly. 

We’ve been around a while and seen all kinds of tech problems. Whether it’s faulty components, network configurations, or typical bugs and glitches, we’ve helped thousands of Australian homes and businesses stay up-to-date in the complicated world of tech.

How do we support you?

We offer both remote and onsite assistance, meaning you’re never out of options when it comes to unexpected computer errors or network failures. We have a team of dedicated, skilled technicians available whenever. 

Many issues can be resolved swiftly and conveniently, with no need for you to visit a computer repair shop or arrange an appointment. Things like sluggish performance, virus detection and removal, connectivity issues, software installations, and even computer crashes can often be resolved through remote IT support services. 

With remote assistance, you are entirely free to have us fit around your schedule. However, if you’d rather arrange a face-to-face meeting, or have a problem that doesn’t suit a remote method, we will organise an onsite IT support service at home or the office. 

Onsite IT support also allows us to fully evaluate your set-up through system checks and perform a physical inspection, as well as using a wider range of diagnostic tools

How does remote IT support work?

Giving someone access to your computer may sound a little scary, but there’s no need to worry. Here is the process of how remote IT support works:

  • You call us with your IT issue, any day of the week
  • We’ll guide you through setting up a remote connection (it’s easy!)
  • Once we’re connected, an All Things Tech expert can begin working on your device remotely
  • We can control your PC as you would to better understand your issue
  • We will quickly determine the problem and find a solution

We can assess your situation immediately by remotely operating the device. We understand that your files should be for your eyes only. All of our technicians are trained with discretion in mind, and we guarantee your privacy, whether that’s remote IT support or an onsite visit.

Most of the time, when a technician doesn’t need to visit your house, you save money. Likewise, if you can avoid going to a shop, you save time. With the power of remote support, you’re never out of touch with our specialists, providing individuals and businesses with protection and total peace of mind.

Need Remote IT Support?

Reach out to ATT for all IT related help, and we’ll get one of our technician assess the problems right away

What if Remote IT Support isn’t enough?

When technical problems cannot be mended remotely, our team will discuss further options, most likely arranging an on-site appointment. You’re never without a safety net when we can meet you at home or the office. In these trickier cases, a speedy drive over and we can soon be fixing the problem in person, same day, 7 days a week. 

A full compendium of potential IT issues would be a long read, so it’s best to ask a trusted provider of technical support whether the situation calls for remote or onsite IT support. Either way, we are a one-stop-shop for IT solutions, committed to taking the most cost-effective actions with minimal wait time and brilliant customer service.

All Things Tech is a trusted provider of IT support services. Though we’re based in Sydney, Australians nationwide have called upon us to keep their systems and networks running at their best.

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