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Are you excited to try out your new computer, but are not feeling confident about setting it up yourself? We’re here to help. We provide an array of IT services for the home and office.

Setting up a new computer is often more hassle than it’s worth. So, if you’re looking for help, our computer experts would be happy to provide you with a complete set-up service. We can help with new computer installation, handling everything from putting the pieces together to connecting your new computer to other devices in your home and office.

Additionally, once your system is up and running, we can assist you in installing new software. Our friendly technicians would also be happy to provide set-up services for your printers and related devices.

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Computer solutions for the home and office

In addition to providing premier new computer setup services, our professional technicians would be happy to procure you the necessary parts for a custom set-up, or to provide you with advice and recommendations for buying a new PC. We pride ourselves on providing a complete service, start-to-finish, from sourcing the components you need to installing and configuring everything you need to enjoy your new computer.

We work with a network of trusted suppliers to provide you with cutting-edge, high-quality hardware, including computers, networking gear, servers, printers, scanners and more. 

Setting up a New Computer

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Planning on a new computer or printer, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting it up? ATT is here to help. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and personalised approach, and we always go the extra mile for our customers. When it comes to a new computer setup, we strive to understand your requirements. In turn, this helps us provide a bespoke service aligned with your needs.

As a leader in IT support for the home and office, we can help set up a new computer or upgrade your existing hardware, install software and new equipment, and connect your new set-up to any other devices. Our friendly technicians will also walk you through your new setup so you know everything you need to get started.

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Why choose All Things Technical for your new computer setup

When you book our new computer setup service, we will dispatch a technician to perform the installation of the hardware and any necessary software on-site. Your technician will ensure your new setup is working properly and is 100% ready to use. We also encourage you to ask questions about your new device!

During the new computer setup, our technician will perform any necessary system updates, remove unwanted programs, and help set up user accounts if necessary. They will optimise the start-up, test the functionality of your hardware and software and help you connect your new device to any speakers, printers, or additional monitors.

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